IMG_0330Only 2 weeks into 2016,and I barely made it though the last week. Winter is here and kicking my butt. It started with a Migraine last Sunday, followed by all sorts of cold and death. David Bowie and Alan Rickman both died. Cancer blows, and it has robbed us of two great and inspirational artists. I will let others write their dedications more adequately than me. 

I was much distracted this week, not just by the migraine which kept creeping back over the week, but by the oppressive cold. I really want to hibernate until this winter foolishness is done. 

My daughter and I stopped for coffee this weekend at a wonderful place called the Land of 1000 Hills. This was the ending and bright spot of the week. My daughter visited and we went for brunch, a little shopping, and coffee at the nearby Atlantic Station. I got a cappuccino and the barista created a remarkable bit of art in the foam. With one sip, the lovely swan faded and disappeared. Such a delicate and beautiful thing this art in my coffee. Life feels like that now, just a single delicious taste, and it begins to grow cold and mutate. I feel old. I feel time slipping away. I feel I need to write faster before my whole world fades away like a swan drawn in the foam of a cappuccino.


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  1. Oh, E.M. We’re all mortal. I’m closer to your daughter’s age, but after too many funerals, I’m feeling it too. This is the time we have. What will we make of it? How do I know what matters? I hope it gets easier as decades pass. I know so many phenomenal middle-aged women that I’m looking forward to growing older. I hope I get to; one never knows, really. I buried a classmate two years ago, and a younger friend the year before that. I’ve often wondered what happens to a writer’s unfinished novels. Do they fly off and roost in someone else’s head?


  2. I’ve never had a migraine and I sure don’t want one. They sound like the devil. And it sounds like you’ve had your share of crappy feel like sh** days. Here’s to feeling better soon – cause when you feel bad, everything is just…weird.

    That IS an absolutely beautiful cup of coffee, there is the swan, but I see a little heart too – hanging just off the beak.

    I’m hoping we don’t lose power. Every time I look up I see more and more ice hanging off EVERY THING.

    Anyway. Feel better, and keep writing E.M.


  3. Ugh, I sympathize about the migraines. I have to take topiramate for them and even then I still wind up on the Excedrin migraine. Talk to your doctor if they continue. You can get help.

    What a lovely cappucino! I would hate to drink it. Aren’t kids great when they do things like this? Having all boys, there will be no shopping together unless it’s to the lumber yard, but since I enjoy them it’s all good. I, like you, was bummed about the deaths of Bowie and Rickman.

    I need to snoop around on your blog some more and suss out your writing.


  4. To quote you, “Life feels like that now, just a single delicious taste, and it begins to grow cold and mutate. I feel old. I feel time slipping away. I feel I need to write faster before my whole world fades away…” This is my life right here, right now.


  5. Hey EM – lurking about from the JR blog. What an awesome picture! My kiddos are younger but sometimes I do get that sad feeling that time is passing and some day they’ll be too big too hold. And I know what you mean about wanting to write faster – you want to get it out, get it down, touch someone before your time passes. But. The fact that you have an adult daughter who wants to go get coffee with you and this is your highlight of the week, speaks volumes in itself – you’ve already touched someone, and she probably the most important person in the world to you. And I still remember the ff you wrote on JR’s blog about the holocaust. Very moving. My rambling point is, even though the ‘burn’ is in a writer’s blood – and I am definitely rooting for you getting whatever you wish published – you don’t have to be published to make a difference. Here’s to hoping you kick that migraine! And enjoy your new coffee shop!


  6. I guess that all of us feel that time is slipping away occasionally, no matter how old we are. It pushes us to focus on what we value most and make each moment count. I love coffee, especially combined with shopping. Sending lots of sunshine your way! 🙂


  7. Ellie, what a great post. Which is no surprise, of course, because I’ve read dozens of great posts from you at the Reef.

    And what a super name, Land of a Thousand Hills! That’ll have to find its way into one of your stories.

    The swan in your cappuccino is still visible, maybe a little fragmented after a rough day, but now it sports a tiny heart right at the tip of its beak. That’s better than a fortune cookie message! It reminds me of a Rohrshach (sp?) test and the movie Evil Roy Slade. A guy was giving Evil Roy ink blots to look at where Roy had to explain what he saw. Didn’t matter what the ink blot looked like, Roy saw a gun. Funny movie in its day, but I’m not sure it’s survived the test of time.

    Have a great week!


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