PyraThis week has been one of recovery and renewal. I am at last back to writing steadily. My aunt’s death knocked me off my virtual horse. I can hear her pushing me right back onto my horse just as she did when I was a child learning to ride. I am going to cut this short as I am participating in the A to Z challenge. People will tire of my blog in short order as it is.

I am working on the last edits for my R&R today and would like to be back in the query trenches by this time next week. Tomorrow, I must write a blog inspired by the letter “C”. I did not pick a theme for my challenge although I suppose “beer” could be construed at such. Anyhow, thanks to all in The Reef (Agent, Janet Reid’s wonderful blog) for all their support over the last couple of weeks, and for all they do. What a great bunch of writers. Drinks on me this week.

One thought

  1. Hi, E.M. Speaking as one of the folks from the Reef, I’m glad to be one thread in the net that holds us all together and lifts us all up. I hope you enjoy the A to Z challenge this year!


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