Kate w/ Frankie

I never did fix that time turner so this week and last week will both be reviewed. This week I was mostly sick which is boring and gross.


Last week, my daughter graduated with an English degree from UGA.  It was a big milestone in her life and mine. I raised her on my own. My how the days flew so fast. I still remember so clearly those first moments of her life, that tiny little creature with her big dark eyes staring at me, her first smile, her first steps. Then so quickly she was talking and never stopped. It was sort of like waking up to find that your dog now speaks to you in full coherent sentences.

IMG_0601I was trying to do medical school when Kate was born. I ultimately gave up as I wanted more time with my child so I turned to writing software. That allowed me to work from home and so spend more time with my child. Those moments are unique and can never be recaptured. I didn’t want to miss anything.

However, the first two years of Kate’s life, I worked at a local children’s hospital. The doctors let me use their daycare right on site which helped so much in those first years. I was alone, broke, exhausted, and more than a bit scared. When Kate was barely two years old, she asked me from her little car seat, “Mommy, where do babies come from?”

Kate, age 2

I seriously thought I would have more time before I had to answer that question so I said the first thing that came to mind. “Babies come from mommies tummies.” I did not feel that lying would do much good. She could always spot when I was trying to fool her or withhold information from her. Clever little thing.

“No, before that,” she insisted. I sputtered and took a deep breath, trying desperately to think of a suitable answer for a two year old. But before I could say anything, she announced. “I know where I was before I was in your tummy.”

Startled, I asked “Where was that?”

“I was in heaven,” she said. Ok, I could live with that. But then she added. “God sent me to look after you.”

IMG_0600I have no idea what prompted her to say all this at two, but apparently she was on a mission from God. I wasn’t going to argue with her. I remember stopping at a red light and turning around to see her sitting in her little car seat in the back of my old Mazda, twirling her curly dark hair around her finger. She did that when she was tired. She still does.

HouseHunt 034Now, looking at the twenty years since that day, I believe what she said was true. I needed looking after. My little girl, now a beautiful and amazing young woman, saved me in every way a person could be saved. I know it is supposed to be the other way around, but it was not.

Even her adolescent years were fun, still full of all the teenage angst, but we managed to laugh our way through it, even when we cried.

How blessed I am that whatever power there is in the universe gave me such an amazing child. I seriously do not believe I would still be around if she had not come along. What an unexpected and miraculous turn of events.

IMG_0496Well, a chapter is over and a new one has begun. The road goes ever onward, and I still have miles to go before I rest or so the saying goes.  I am hoping this will not be my last blog post. My daughter might actually kill me for publishing this. So until next week, I hope…



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    1. Yes, UGA = University of Georgia. And so far, she has not killed me. But she has probably not had time to check out my blog. She went straight to working two jobs the moment she finished college and she has to move. So she’s busy.


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