So often in these days all around me once decent people answer hate with hate, darkness with darkness. No one is listening. I am retreating into Alleysiande, praying for peace, trying to keep my own anger in check. It is fitting that I am delayed in my book production. Paradise is further away than ever. 
Perhaps, look to your dog. He knows how to love unconditionally. Right now, we are all wrong, everyone of us, and we all need love. 

Let us try to be the people our dogs think we are. Perhaps then, we can turn back toward the light instead of this useless state of being perpetually offended. Forgive. Unburden our weary souls. Forgive. 

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  1. Too often, people take it as a joke, but I honestly say – and mean – that I live my life to be good enough for my pets. Yeah, I go to church, yeah, I try to be nice to actual human beings. But at the end of the day, it’s Gossamer the Editor Cat and Penelope the Publishing Pup I come home to, and live with, and who depend upon me.

    I definitely look to my dog (and G-TEC!) and see the light.

    Also, Gossie (I am convinced) has fur with analgesic properties, so a good snuggle is good not only for the soul, but often for a headache as well.

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    1. I suspect my pug, Frankie is an angel in disguise. And a snuggle with your furry family is great for body and soul. There are actual studies that confirm this. I have a messed up heart, and since Frankie came to live with me last November, my heart health has improved far beyond what doctors can explain.


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