I do not know about other writers, but for me, the most difficult thing about writing a new book is the distractions of life, having to eat, drink, sleep, work, socialize. If only I could manage without all those things hindering my progress, I might already have a functional draft. I tried to set my minions to taking care of some of these menial life tasks, but they only took my coffee cup hostage. So I’ll be spending another week in obscurity.


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  1. In art school, at the Maryland College of Art, there was this teacher named Art Benson. I’ll never forget him for lots of things, especially one phrase.

    He said there will be a time in your career where everything is a hinderance to your creation time.

    Salvador Dali was famous for his amazing technique. He was also eccentric. One artist I knew in art school was obsessed by Dali. He told me that Dali would try to hold off going to the water closet as long as possible while he was working. Kids do the same thing when they are concentrated in play. That’s why we mothers have loads of wash all the time.

    It’s good to procrastinate. To me that means something is not working in your manuscript and by doing other things your mind is working through the kinks.

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