Week 42 2016 Gearing up for #NaNoWriMo and Halloween 

So I made it one chapter through the workshop and had a mental breakdown and decided to give #NanoWriMo aka National Novel Writing Month a go. 

So I am heading to the beach for Halloween and first week of November to immerse myself in trying to complete a first draft of my book in a single month. 

A win is considered 50,000 words.  I will need more in the neighborhood of 100-125k to accomplish a serviceable draft. Putting my inner editor on hiatus will be a challenge, but I need the discipline. The old adage is you have a lifetime to complete your first publishable book, and only a year for every subsequent book. Well, that seems pretty standard for the authors who stay published for many books after their debut. So I hope this helps.

If you are doing NaNo, you can find me under E.M. Goldsmith. We can be buddies if you like. 


Week 39-41 2016 – Workshop Time

It is the part of my writing process where I put my current book through a vigorous writing workshop so the blog will be on hiatus until such time as I am done. Frankie will let you know what is happening in the world as she sees it. At the moment, she sees naptime as this week’s great event.


Given my exhaustion, the slow pace of revisions, work load, floods, and the havoc my demons are causing, I think the blog will be hovering at this same place for a few more weeks. Then we will come back up for air and see if there is anything new under the stars.