So I made it one chapter through the workshop and had a mental breakdown and decided to give #NanoWriMo aka National Novel Writing Month a go. 

So I am heading to the beach for Halloween and first week of November to immerse myself in trying to complete a first draft of my book in a single month. 

A win is considered 50,000 words.  I will need more in the neighborhood of 100-125k to accomplish a serviceable draft. Putting my inner editor on hiatus will be a challenge, but I need the discipline. The old adage is you have a lifetime to complete your first publishable book, and only a year for every subsequent book. Well, that seems pretty standard for the authors who stay published for many books after their debut. So I hope this helps.

If you are doing NaNo, you can find me under E.M. Goldsmith. We can be buddies if you like. 

One thought

  1. I am getting so prepped for Nano, there will be no excuse to not “win.” I just hope work doesn’t rear its ugly head and get in the way. Mustn’t let that happen. Good luck starting next Tuesday. Only 1 week away!


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