So I am about to disappear and be devoured by my WIP, starting over at word 1 and trying to get to word 125K or so and write The End. A full draft in a month. Can this even be done? Well, I am about to find out. 

Good luck to everyone else trying this insanity. 

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  1. #National Novel Writing Insanity is probably a good way to put it, Elise. I’ll quote you on that. Especially in mid-November.

    Are you saying you’re trying to write 125,000 words in November? Or, are you sticking to the conventional (yet still insane) 50,000 words? I’m just curious if you’re twice as insane as I previously thought!

    In any event, good luck. Get to to 2,000 words on Day One and you’re already ahead of schedule!

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    1. I would dearly love to hit 125,000 words or more. I am taking this week off but once I am back at work, well, that will be tricky. I did once do 30,900 words in a weekend but that doesn’t happen very often. So, yeah, I am likely more insane than you can imagine. I will be thrilled to get to 50,000 though. Well good luck. Sleep deprivation here I come.

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