Week 47 2016 #NaNoWriMo All Done

So I wrote 50,000+ words in a month. Which I suppose is something. However, this did not result in a novel or even a serviceable draft. But I met the bar for my participation certificate. Which is great I suppose. 

My pug, however, is not impressed. It is my general impression that a mere mortal like myself cannot write an epic fantasy in 30 days. Not even a serviceable draft. But I can write a lot of words that represented ideas that I can cobble together over time into the desired tale I wish to produce. 

Congratulations to all those who challenged themselves in this year’s NaNoWriMo. 

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Week 46 2016 Nap Time

So it’s cold. And me having been a bear in a previous existence wants to hibernate until Spring. Instead I am trying to complete a draft of my new book in a month. This was a very silly idea. 

I think I will hit the #NaNoWriMo 50k threshold in 10 days, but I won’t have a complete draft. I am a little sad about this. Publishing is such a long road, even after you have a finished manuscript. And I am not getting any younger here. So I am not going to hibernate or nap. I’m going to write. 

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Week 45 2016 Furry Friends

So we are in the home stretch of 2016 which will be known as “The Year That Shall Not Be Named”  The best way to keep everything in perspective is our pets, the best of friends. Obviously. All decent people can unite around our precious furry friends. They never care who you love, who you vote for, or what you look like. They even forgive us our deplorable lack of fur. And they think everything we say is wonderful and important.

img_0186I emerge from a weekend of writing feeling hopeful. I did not much add to my word count, but I finally knocked my internal editor out until such time as December 1st emerges.  I think I will get this draft knocked out during NaNoWriMo. It will be rough but I have it on authority that December and January are excellent for editing. Take care everyone. Soldier on.


Week 44 2016 Wake Me When Apocalypse is Over

So I got 10,000 words and some change in first 5 days of NaNo- well short of what I had hoped. Now I am back at work and up against a day of false choices- certain death or big ass danger.  I just want to drown in my WIP.

Friday my pug was attacked by a Pit Bull on the beach. The attacking dog was off leash and attached unprovoked. Frankie did not even fight back- she didn’t know how. Thank God for her big thick collar and leash. I managed to throw the attacking dog away from her, and snatch my dog from dire injury.  Frankie will recover well – just a bite but boy did it scare me and distract me. The place I have loved most lost some of its magic. Monsters are everywhere – even in dog shape. 

How do you block out the world when writing? My usual methods, candles, music, and darkness aren’t getting it done. Perhaps, by next week I can go back to ignoring the world. Although, I might move for a better view. I hear Scotland is nice, cold, wet, and green with plenty of whiskey and tea for a writer. Ah well, on we go.