So I got 10,000 words and some change in first 5 days of NaNo- well short of what I had hoped. Now I am back at work and up against a day of false choices- certain death or big ass danger.  I just want to drown in my WIP.

Friday my pug was attacked by a Pit Bull on the beach. The attacking dog was off leash and attached unprovoked. Frankie did not even fight back- she didn’t know how. Thank God for her big thick collar and leash. I managed to throw the attacking dog away from her, and snatch my dog from dire injury.  Frankie will recover well – just a bite but boy did it scare me and distract me. The place I have loved most lost some of its magic. Monsters are everywhere – even in dog shape. 

How do you block out the world when writing? My usual methods, candles, music, and darkness aren’t getting it done. Perhaps, by next week I can go back to ignoring the world. Although, I might move for a better view. I hear Scotland is nice, cold, wet, and green with plenty of whiskey and tea for a writer. Ah well, on we go. 

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  1. Oh my gracious, dear little Frankie! Please give some scritches and love for her, and I am so glad she will be okay. Bit of tea for you as well; I can’t imagine how I’d feel if Penelope or Gossamer were attacked.

    When I am blocked – hey, I come to your blog, and you unstick me and get me to magical breakthroughs. 🙂 Well, it worked that last time!

    Having an office helps immensely. I have a big desk and a good chair, and the space is reserved for working. Whether that’s concentrating on paying bills, or concentrating on writing one of the first pogroms in the history of Christendom, having a literal space dedicated to the enterprise is invaluable, and having it set up as I need is comfortable. Comfort is important, to be able to work.

    More immediately than that, I can’t say what helps to create the mental space you have to occupy. We’re all so different – people who can’t concentrate with music, people who can’t concentrate without it – different households with different distractions. I find a snowy day marvelous for concentrating, but I also find I don’t really want to conjure those up just to go stir crazy either!

    Here’s hoping you are able to shut down and breathe and get to the right head space.

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    1. Thanks, Diane. Your comment really helps. I am crazy attached to my dog as you no doubt are to your furry family members. I only managed 1000 words last night. I just need to will myself into concentrating and blocking out all the white noise. Thank you for visiting. I really appreciate it.


  2. Hope your little Frankie’s still doing well. That happened to me as a high schooler walking my dog and I still remember how terrifying the whole experience was.

    Hope you get your writing mojo back, too. When mine goes away, I haven’t yet figured out how to force it back. It just comes and goes at will. I can force myself to sit and (half) write, but it doesn’t work well. I usually just make the conscious decision to do something else for a bit.

    BTW I decorated my #1Kiddo’s room in Pooh stuff so the quotes are ingrained. The cartoon here really made me chuckle.


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