Dreams, Writing

Week 49-50 2016 Pug Dreams

It is less than 2 weeks until 2017 and I am wondering if I will squeak into the New Year. I have a mess of a 1st draft of my new book and 3 stories I am grooming for submission. 

The year has not turned out as I hoped. It never does. I have found new ways to fail and fall behind. Still, as long as I draw breath, fool that I am, I will keep trying for something better. If only I understood what better meant. 

Dreams, Writing

Week 48 2016 – The Unyielding Hour Glass

The end of 2016 draws near. Like most years, my goals and dreams amounted to dust and elusive unicorns and dragons. I did write more. Still, another year is fading and so am I. 

I have no talent for precognition. I have no idea what tomorrow holds in store. I look to it in an equal measure of hope and dread. 

I was wrong about nearly everything this year. That is quite a trick. It is almost a talent. I mean even a broken clock is right twice a day. Maybe next year I can be a broken clock. 

Four more weeks to put 2016 to rest. The hourglass is refusing to yield. Time will keep seeping through my fingers.  All I can do is try.