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Quote of the Day – John Milton, Paradise Lost

“Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light”

John Milton
Paradise Lost


ParadiseLostJohn Milton and Dante Alighieri were the bane of my existence in my early life.  In my parent’s bookshelves, I was fascinated by the tales that Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno revealedand the insight they gave to this Hell where I was told I would definitely be heading. You see, I was sent to Catholic school from first to fifth grade, and not being the most agreeable of children, was threatened with certain damnation for all my vile imagination (boy, I could lie in a way that would put Lucifer to shame) and my refusal to conform (I was not a proper little girl).

My early writings sought to cope with my pending damnation. How might I get out of Hell? What could I do to fool Lucifer? The character I met inside Milton’s pages was not the lovable rube of Neil Gaiman and friends after all. He had once been glorious and then what? He found fault in boundless creation? Unlikely. I do not believe it. Perhaps, he was never part of Heaven. Perhaps, Lucifer simply lacked imagination.  Or perhaps, the only way to Heaven is through Hell or so this quote always made me believe. Even Christ stopped by Hell on his journey to eternity.  Contemplate if you like.  I must get back to figuring out how to get out of the Hell that is writing a query for my WIP. That is my only way out of damnation at the moment.




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Quote of the Day – Ursula Le Guin

“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me all the world, and exiles me from it”

Ursula Le Guin

1929 – 2018








This author passed away in the last week. I had not realized that she was the source of a quote that always made me say, “Whoa, so true.” She will be missed. She changed genre fiction forever and shaped much of my early thinking when I was still developing.  I will let my betters sing her praises.  I only wished to share a favorite writerly quote.