Sunday July 22, 2018

Yes, the blog has gone dormant and that is bad. If you are a writer, don’t do this. I always do everything the hard way. Anyhow, the blog will be bursting back to life right around July 28th. I will be starting with two book reviews that are especially dear to me. Then there will be posts about things that interest me from angels to demons to beer to castle ruins. Interspersed will be book reviews and then the Library which will simply feature books that I have found most inspirational over the years.

fullsizeoutput_c9I wish to go from underrated nobody to a fully functioning author. Most of the reason this place fell fallow in the first place is because I have been concentrating on writing novels. Also, there has been lots of life (and death) going on around me disturbing my misadventures in the fictional realm.

Current status is between 120-140 days until I am ready to hit the query trenches again. I am hoping to be ready November 1st but would not be overly surprised if it becomes February 1st of 2019. Getting an agent will speed my output up greatly as I have been told that writing on contract is far different than writing for that first bite at the apple. I have vastly over-estimated in the past when I would be ready. I do not wish to jump the gun again with my submissions to agents as that has proved unfortunate in the past.  I have learned that I must let my book sit and ripen for a good well before revisions can be useful so if 2019 comes and I am still baking my masterwork or going with another of the three books I am working on for submission, I will hardly be surprised.

So I am looking forward to better days…

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  1. EM, we’ll be in the trenches almost together. I will be starting up in September (which will probably turn out to be October…).


    1. I hope the very first agent we each send to happily requests a full and then within about twenty minutes offers representation. The anxiety of the wait is the worst. And silence sounds so much like rejection. And then the paranoia sets in – “oh my god, it’s been minutes since I sent my query. They hate me. ” At least, that’s how this usually goes for me. Then I try to recall the query but that never works and so I have to sit curled up in a ball, sipping my Writer’s Tears, waiting and waiting for an answer. Any answer.

      I trust you are far more sane than me. That’s not a high bar. But anxious I will be until I sign on that dotted line with Mr or Mrs Perfect Glorious Agent who likes me, really likes me. Here’s hoping we both strike gold and cross over into the next plateau of our journey.

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  2. Let’s make it the second agent. My first will be Janet because I won’t feel like I’m querying until I’ve sent it to her 😉 I’m not very sane (ask anyone who knows me) so let’s just kick that bar aside and go for it.

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    1. Agreed. I too will query to Queen and frame the resulting rejection in a frame made of shark’s teeth. Janet doesn’t do my genre. I am hoping she won’t rip off too many limbs. But yes, the second agent. That’s the ticket.

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  3. Ahh, a new design, a new start, an posts! Good to see – I like the look, BTW.

    WOO on the prospects. I’ve been derailed a bit myself, and even getting back on the horse I’d be surprised if I were back in the trenches in as little as 500 days, so GO YOU!!!!

    Good to see you again, and good luck to you (and AJ too!)

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  4. EM, I’ve been trying to post to your blog and it won’t let me (no idea what has changed since this post). Fingers crossed this one goes through. I’m copying my comment for today’s post here, just in case!

    I hope one day they do discover there is a root cause like a chemical imbalance so they can prescribe the perfect pill. But until then I’m glad people are opening up about mental health, talking about it and being honest. The more people do this the more it is being accepted as an illness, the more people are getting help and the more it’s losing its stigma.

    So well done EM for being one of those people.

    (((Hugs))) on your recent episode. I hope the book helped you.


    1. It looks like I got a spammer on my blog 😦 – I think WordPress shut down the comments after the spammer hit my blog a few hundred times. Sadness. Hopefully, I can get the comments on those blog posts re-opened and the spammer blocked

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