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Starting August 1st, 2018 I am going to try a little something new with the blog section of my website. A few years ago, I did the A to Z blog challenge which was a blog post each day that related to a letter in the alphabet. Well, I am going to take that a bit further and for the next 26 months.  I will be exploring a new theme each month corresponding with a theme that will cover 26 posts each month associated with a letter of the alphabet.

So in August I will start with the letter A, September will be B, then October will be C…you get the idea. Archangel

The theme for August 2018 will be Angels and Demons. I write about these often seen but seldom recognized ethereal beings, and lots of my characters find themselves saddled with angelic or demonic inspired names.

My obsession goes back to childhood where my “invisible” friend was an angel I called Jethro after the band, Jethro Tull with its electrifying flute playing. I was all about “Bungle in the Jungle” by age eight. I have written about Jethro before in my post, The Angel and My First Guitar although I did not name him there. I never thought of Jethro as being “made up”. To me, he is real and still with me although weary of my constant flirtations with the damned.

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