JeremielSo Jeremiel is one of those angels who is less known than Uriel, Gabriel, and Michael. He is one of those angels that gets overlooked by the casual angel observer.

Jeremiel is the angel of dreams. Fun stuff. He is also very popular in angelic tarot card decks.

img_1072For me, Jeremiel is the angel of second chances and lost causes. Being a long, lost cause myself, this ingratiated me to the particular angel.

Like Uriel, Jeremiel is an archangel. Like his better known compatriots, Jeremiel is low on the totem pole of the Hierarchy of immortal divinity. Of course, being at the bottom is the only reason these angels get to talk to us at all.

Do you suppose angels get promotions? I mean, eternity is a long time to spend at the same position. It seems Gabriel should have risen to Throne at least. Or not.

I will have to ask my angel buddy, Jethro, about that. He probably won’t tell me. He has always been a bit sensitive about being a guardian angel, the lowest in the divine order.

I have often wondered who Jethro pissed off to be saddled with me. I am Hell on an angel. I stuffed him into the body of a female pug recently, and I am not sure that went over well with him at all. It could be worse. I could have stuffed him into a cat.

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