MetatronThroughout history stories are told to explain our world and lives. My interest in angels and demons is not one of religion. It is one of storytelling, the drawing of heroes and villains and what drives them. I have a tendency to like names drawn from various mythical and legendary beings, the story of these beings whether or not they truly ever existed.

I am interested in Metatron because in Judaism, he is known as the “Recording Angel” or the “Chancellor of Heaven”. Basically,  he’s a scribe, a writer, the story-teller of heaven. I am thinking, I would like to read what he has written. Some would say I have because I have read the Bible in its many, many, many translations. And that’s the problem, I want to see the unedited work. I want to see what it looks like unabridged by the powers of man, politics, and religion. And that’s where my imagination takes wing.

ScribeToo often heroes and villains are too good or too evil. The thing about angels and demons, their role depends a lot on where you are standing in history. As time marches on, one religion will gobble up another, erase its names or steal them into their own mythology. Demon names often appear as gods of vanquished peoples. Angel names often find themselves repeated in multiple ancient cultures in various forms. This also interests me. How names are remembered and interpreted.

LibraryInHeavenAs a child, innocent but curious, I thought much as I was taught. God in good. The devil (whatever he is) is bad and makes people do bad things. Then I learned about the rebellion in Heaven and wondered, if Heaven is so bloody great, why did a third of the angels rebel? It never made any sense to me. John Milton did nothing to improve my bewilderment.

I wondered if Heaven was painfully dull. Perhaps, you can only wear white in Heaven and the only music is that of harps and operatic angelic choirs? Once a week, that might be fine. But what if you wanted to hear a bit of screaming guitar or wear jeans and t-shirts and play video games? Did heaven have the same restrictive kinds of rules they had for me at my Catholic school? That would not be heavenly. Not to me.  I need to raise a bit of Hell from time to time. And sometimes, I like to read a book that scares the piss out of me and not a book that is paragraph after paragraph of begetting and family history full of Thees and Thous.

Did the rebellious angels know what would happen? Were they simply trying to “liven” things up when everything went horribly wrong? Expelled to a dimension where love is not, does not exist. Was this a wise punishment? If there is no love in Hell, how could fallen angels be redeemed? Did Metatron record these events? What did he have to say about it? I still wonder.

And that is where story begins…


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