AbatharI woke up from a dream twenty-two years ago, opened one of the many notebooks that littered my bedside and wrote these words.

“Abathar! Abathar! Why have you come?”

This line became an integral part of my series, “The Idylls of Alleysiande” – a series of twelve books still in development. I believe they will be published one day in that not too distant future, but then, I suffer from delusions of grandeur. I always have.

At the time, I did not know there was any kind of angel or demon associated with the name, “Abathar”. I think the words came because of my intense study of William Faulkner in graduate school and the book, Absalom! Absalom! His reference is Biblical. It is a common sort of thing for English speaking writers in the A.D. era. I did not think I would ever use the line that I had awoken to record.

HorseofApocalypseI later discovered an obscure reference to an angelic being called Abathar who carries of a pair of scales to judge people’s worth. This sparked another reference, the third horse of the Apocalypse of Revelation- I wondered if Abathar might be the angel/demon badass riding the black horse and carrying a pair of scales as God’s judgement descends upon the world.

The whole idea of judgement from a source outside of humanity fascinated me. We are great at judging one another. We are terrible at justice or mercy. We have so many prejudices and so much self-loathing. It is strange how we often accuse others of the things we, ourselves, are guilty of. It takes a great deal of self-denial to justify our own cruelty and malice toward our fellow man, often using virtue signaling to cover up our own heinous short-comings. We all do it.

The battle we fight inside ourselves is epic and we can’t divide ourselves to separate the pure from the corrupt. I wonder if there is some power in the world that accomplishes this cleansing of our worldly pains and aspirations? Does divine justice exist? If so, what form does it take? What of mercy? Second-chances? Again, a brutal pondering that leads to story…

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