Frankie does not understand about Sundays. Her human, a writer and educator, seems off and is still snoozing past 6 AM. Best do something about that.

Ever since I rescued my Frankie from a life on the streets, I have not been allowed to sleep in. I wouldn’t change it for anything. There is nothing quite like being gently awakened by a pug.

She is always surprised when I stick around after our walk and breakfast. She wishes everyday could be Sunday. Sometimes I do too.

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  1. I love the look on Frankie’s face! Our new neighbours have a 5 year old pug. She’s still settling in so everytime we head into the backyard she lets everyone know we’re there. Hopefully she’ll get used to us soon. It’s funny because it doesn’t seem to bother her when our dog is in the yard on his own – she never barks at him.

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    1. Pugs are the best. Despite being occasionally stinky. We moved into a city flat recently from a large house and Frankie barks at everyone who walks past our door or ventures out to the pool area. She never used to bark at all when we lived in a house.

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