img_1102Reveal:  The Crystal Cave   by Mary Stewart tells the story of Merlin from his point of view. It is a wonderful addition to the rich mythology surrounding Arthurian legend. This book from Books & Beginnings VIII surprised me as I had been skeptical of the recommendation. This book began a cycle of books by Mary Stewart that were fully engrossing. Of course, this sort of fantasy seems to be falling out of fashion now as it spawned so many imitators.

Up Next: Along with reading and writing, I was an athlete growing up. I ran and swam when I wasn’t playing baseball or soccer. I was fighting my body at full force – trying desperately to keep a broad, muscular, breast free body. On the night before I was due to run The Peachtree Road Race with my cousins who had come from Florida for the event, this would have been July 3rd around 1981 give or take a year,  I picked up this book. I did not finish reading it until one hour prior to race time. I could not put it down.

Jack Torrance thought: Officious little prick.

Ulman stood five-five, and when he moved, it was with the prissy speed that seems to be the exclusive domain of all small plump men.

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  1. Nope, don’t know this one either.

    EM, from reading your posts I can see the struggles you had with fitting into your skin. I hope that somewhere in the following 30+ years from the above book you’ve been able to find peace.

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