img_1137Writing Days start out normal for Frankie. She wakes up the writer well before the alarm. She gets her walk -it’s still dark. Breakfast is served. All is well in the morning. Only, Frankie knows the writer will leave her for a long time. She is not certain where the human goes, but she does not like it. Even though her walker that comes at lunch is really nice.

But on writing day, things are different.  The writer doesn’t put on pants and go to work. She fires up her img_1127computer, turns on soft music, cuddles up Frankie, and stays home to write. Frankie can nap easy. This is wonderful. If only every day was writing day the way every night is writing night.

Just don’t tell the pug that it is also take the pug to the vet for shots day. Life is like that – take the sour with the sweet.

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