CreativeWriterIt is getting late. Work was long today. I am tired and yet here I pour over what I hope is a final block revision of my latest book. There will still be a line edit, and probably another set of eyes will have to look it over for good measure. But some day this damn book will be finished and ready to go seeking a place out in the world. I have a cup for that.

And yes, this is the very last freaking draft…really…


One thought

  1. OMG, EM, you have that mug? I’ve seen pictures of it before and would love to own it. Very jealous 😉

    I hope (as this post is now a couple of weeks old – that’s what happens when you travel and discover no internet) you’ve finished and are on the cusp of sending. I must update you on where mine is at…sadly I won’t be subbing as I hoped, I’m having to rewrite again *sniff*. I know it is for the best and the advice I’ve been given is wonderful and on point but it isn’t always easy to face.


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