img_1166Once in a while, I like brunch. I do love grits and bacon and eggs and combining two meals into one.  My daughter and I used to do a lot of brunches, especially during her college years for her rare visits home. It would be brunch on Sunday and back to school she would go.  We had done brunch on weekends and holidays throughout her life at various places.

Brunch is a tradition with my family, something that was always done after early morning church. We continue to have frequent brunches with my parents and my brother and his family and various other family members from time to time. As I understand it, my daughter enjoys brunch with friends in New York with some frequency. It must be amazing to have so many places to choose from. Today, I fix my own brunch because there is writing to do and it is a “Do Not Disturb” sort of situation. So I pour coffee in my favorite brunch cup.

UnattendedChildrenMy favorite brunch place is The Flying Biscuit. They have the best grits on the planet, as close to what my grandfather used to make when I was still a wee ankle biter.  Also, I appreciated the humor of this place and its view on children.  Don’t get me wrong. I like children. Just not with my breakfast.  This place moved away during my daughter’s college years to too far away for a quick bite.  So no more espresso and puppies for the children.

BeignetsHowever, my favorite brunch mug came from The Broken Egg. It is a New Orleans style place. It proved a good place near my home to meet for brunch with friends or to take my daughter on weekends when she visited. I still go there. Their grits are good but not perfect. However, they serve beignets – that’s a fried donut covered in powdered sugar. Very good stuff. For our next adult trip, I think I will spirit my daughter out of New York and into New Orleans for the real deal.  It’s been too long since my last visit to that haunted and musical place.

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