img_1010Frankie wonders about her writer. Life is so amazing and simple if only one would abide by the Pug code – food, walks, poops, sniffs, toys, and belly rubs. The writer spends so much time staring at a blank white page. How is that fun? And don’t even get Frankie started with all the cleaning and fidgeting.

Yes, the writer must walk and feed the pug. That’s fun. That makes Frankie so happy, and the writer seems most content to give belly rubs and play on the floor with the pug. So why, why does the writer leave so early in the morning most days? It ruins breakfast. Frankie barks and whines, begging the writer not to go.

img_1127The writer looks so sad at leaving Frankie behind. She tells Frankie about something called Monday. What ever is a Monday? It should be outlawed if it distresses the writer so much.   The pug will have to speak to her walker that will come at lunch time about this strange beast. Maybe the most excellent golden retriever that lives two doors down can track down this Monday and rid us of it. The retriever once stared down a cat. Certainly, she could make a Monday retreat. Frankie is a pacifist and believes a Monday will not be cured by licking it. Yes, best leave it to something not afraid of cats.

Well, Frankie will nap. That is best. When she wakes it will be time for the writer to return. Most evenings after leaving Frankie, the writer looks so beaten down. As if Monday might have bitten the writer. That’s so mean.

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