img_1168If tomorrow is NOT a work day, then the chances are that there is whiskey in my glass. By the end of the work week, I have had so much coffee and tea that I am actually shaking. I still have mountains of line edits to climb and that is hard when you are registering on the Richter scale.  Editing takes copious amounts of whiskey…

Scratch that. Put the line edits away. Write something new. Write drunk. Edit sober. That’s the rule.

I never obey the rules. Oh well, back to line edits. Take a shot and off we go. I apologize to my future editor (the one that will accompany me to publication)- it’ll be a rocky journey.

Editor: You corrected the errors I told you to but you committed several more that I have never seen.

Me: I ran out of whiskey.

Editor: Carry on.

I have a wonderful dream editor. If I am to ever meet the real one, I best get back to it. Word autocorrect changed one of my character names from Cazie to Casie halfway through the book. Well, that’s annoying.

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