img_1171Losing a day becomes tougher the longer a life endures. I missed an entire day of writing due to having to spend the day having medical procedure performed and then feeling like crap afterwards. Not even coffee could rescue me.

I started drinking coffee at the age of fifteen so I could appear awake at my first period class in school. Now I drink it to fight time, to stay up longer, write longer, and try and be civil to my co-workers. Some days I lose that battle.

I remember getting this cup that reads “The Older I get the Better I Used to Be” for my thirty-fifth birthday. I believed I was old and done for in my early thirties. To those at that age, you are so stupid young. Do not even worry about it. The hour glass is still mostly full for you. I wish I had realized that. Being in a hurry is a sure way to set you behind.


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