ez7fnr1nR7mUsIP0EOsAjwThis is not a cup for coffee. I had so much earlier that I have had to turn to a special brew to offset the nausea and panic. I have not written anything useful since Saturday. And Friday was a loss due to my on-going medical problems – a four hour outpatient procedure that resulted in a lot of post-operative pain. But hey, I’ve lost a lot of weight and luckily, I had the weight to spare. However, I am losing a lot of time as well and that makes me feel even less well.

I am determined to finish this book. During my day job, I set a schedule to get through the last of the line edits. One chapter a night, two on non-work days until I am done. I will then print out the whole thing and read it out loud to see how it flows, fix that, then off I go. That’s it. Time to let go and see what response this gets in the afterglow.

I had done six chapters already. I am half way through a 7th chapter which I must finish tonight. There are 35 chapters in total. We will see how this goes. Revision is where I am most creative. Editing, however, is like pulling teeth. It hurts. Sneaky homonyms, creepy commas, continuity debacles galore, oh my…

I really appreciate the few blog readers I have. However, I am content to simply write the blog as a way of keeping me disciplined. It is like a way of holding me accountable for writing something, anything every day.  Or in this case, editing a chapter at random.

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