Kfij2f7UQEeAbH3cGm6UTAIn my day job, I work on deadlines all the time. And I always meet them. I am really good about it. However, I have never set a deadline for my writing. I told myself that deadlines would curtail my creativity. And I proved that to myself time and again.

I think I was wrong. I think I may have wasted 4-5 years that I could have been published and agented because I made so many excuses for not writing. Also, I think I feared letting myself go debut because after the debut, I will have to write on deadlines. I see several friends doing it. So now I am trying to prove I can write on a deadline.

Tonight, I have a slight headache, lots of life things are stressing me the hell out, and I really do not feel like writing but here I am. 8th chapter to edit. I can do it and then I can sleep. And tomorrow is Friday.  So I’ll say a little prayer and back to it.


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