img_1170My grandfather played football for Georgia Tech. All my life, I have attended football games with my dad and my brother. I must admit soccer has destroyed my patience with American football – all the stopping and starting and commercials. Nonsense. But I am a Tech fan. Have been since I was a baby. Can’t be helped. And Tech is plain awful this year. Awful. Terrible. They stink. Tech is like that – feast or famine. They lose at home to Duke after fumbling three times in two minutes and then they beat the snot out of Virginia Tech away. What is that?

I will admit being a Tech fan made being a Liverpool fan a walk in the park. At least, Liverpool sings even when the team is less than stellar. Liverpool rocks this year so they will help me endure Tech’s alarming short-comings. And honestly, Liverpool has had seasons like the one Tech is currently playing. Beat the big teams, lose to the bottom of the table.

At least I have a great cup for the whole Tech thing.  And I am ignoring them until they stop stinking. But memories – so many memories of being at Grant Field with my family cheering them on through both great and terrible seasons. A Thursday night game away – and a Saturday without them. There’s Liverpool. I’ll watch that and then two chapters to edit today – 10th and 11th. Pushing my way through.


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