7c809500-d499-48d0-8cb2-d34becbe5e70-7352-00000a25a9076479_fileThe writer has decided that her life has gone to the dogs and Frankie thinks this is a very good thing. However, the writer tells Frankie we must be careful. There is this cat, you see, called The Duchess of Yowl, who might object to a whole month of dogs.

Thankfully, the writer is sensibly not a cat person. Well, yes, one of the main characters in her fantasy book takes the shape of a black cat called Sariel but that’s craziness. However, in honor of Halloween, Frankie will allow this to pass. Every cat should have its night of death and dismemberment and chocolate which is poisonous to dogs. So let the cats have their fun. Frankie will be hiding with a good book and maybe a bone.

monochrome photography of black cat

The writer says the world is all going stinky and so it is only fit to fill the month with dogs. Frankie knows one things. Dogs can save the world. They know how to love unconditionally and ask very little in return. In fact, getting a human outside for a walk does the human as much good as it does the dog.

img_1206-1Cats, on the other hand, do nothing that is healthy for humans. In fact, Frankie knows that cats are plotting to eat their humans. That’s really what all the purring is about and that is why Frankie is afraid of cats. That and the claws. And cats would not bother to save the world even if they could. They are trying to take over the world and impose feline law. Humans will not like that and it will be worse for dogs. Have you heard the world domination plots of the Duchess of Yowl?  Scary stuff.  So the writer has agreed that November will be for the dogs.



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