AussieMy daughter was four when I volunteered with a dog rescue. On the first adoption I worked, I could not find a sitter for my kid so she came along. We had about five dogs that needed rescuing and a bunch of cats. It was easier with the cats, far less maintenance. One of the dogs had come to the rescue because its people had died. The son of these people brought the dog in and said put her down. He didn’t have room. It was a beautiful Australian Shepherd called Lady.

Aussie2My daughter fell in love with that dog at first sight. We adopted her though I had little room and not much bandwidth for a dog, but we got both a dog and a cat. I didn’t volunteer for rescue adoptions anymore. I did not have room for the farm’s worth of animals that would likely come our way.

Lady helped me raise my daughter. As we had no sheep, Lady took to herding my kid and her friends. She ran with me in the mornings, accompanied us on our trips to both the beach and the mountains. She tried to keep the beavers that claimed the back of our property away and was bitten in the leg by a particularly mean one that stole a good portion of our backyard fence. She guarded us like nothing else could. Fourteen years at our sides through thick and thin.

If I ever have opportunity to have. property with a yard and the time, I would love to have another Aussie.


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