• img_1290The words “The End” sit at the end of a page after 114,254 words according to Word’s last count. I am reading my book out loud to the pug. It helps to see if the rhythm of the words work, checks for pace and cadence, things the naked eye misses. Then my current book is off to two friends, both avid readers with editing experience for one last look through.

The next many months will be tracked in my Book of Submissions, Rejections, Ecstasy, and Agony. In this book, I will bind each query I write, every single blessed one, personalized as needed, the first 10 pages of my book as they stand on the day I enter the trenches, a short synopsis and a long synopsis and all the iterations of such materials.

black cat walking on roadThe current schedule (some dates are flexible)

  • Dec 5-7 – Query workshop with New Leaf Literary (help me nail the query)
  • Dec 22 – hand finished book to fresh editing eyes (if I miss this date, all other dates will move forward by two weeks at least)
  • Dec 22 – Jan 2 – Put together list of agents, revise query based on workshop feedback, tinker with synopsis
  • Jan 3-15 – (provided editors have returned feedback), last edit for submission (this deadline subject to change if anything major needs to be changed or life dumps on me)
  • 56454439768__67A25736-3655-4AB8-B3D8-A980A1B7B779Jan 22 – 31 (around here) Query first 10 agents on my list
  • 2019 As Needed – for each response from agent, send new query to next agent on list until I get and accept an offer of representation from dream agent. Any agent I accept is my dream agent.


Join me for this journey. There will be loads of pug pictures and concerned cat pictures along the way, and a few new bottles of bourbon will likely have to be opened. Wish me luck.



6 thoughts

  1. I love your schedule – you organized person, you. I do wish you all the luck in the word, and as much bourbon as you need to sustain yourself. I can’t help but think this is that moment when, after all this work, and you begin the query process, somebody’s gonna love it. You’re as ready as anyone can be, Elise! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Donna. And notice my schedule allows me to immediately read your new book, The Forgiving Kind, the moment Amazon sends it to me. I can’t wait to be able to read for fun again – I have been heads down in this book for last several months. It’ll be good to clear the literary pallet with one of your lovely stories before I start writing the next book (or revising this one for some agent or editor).

      Oh, I hope the rejection is not too loud or too quiet.

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      1. Oh, thank you for reading! Hard to believe we’ve already started the promo for it. I know what you mean about head down working and not reading for pleasure – I’m in the same situation and about to start on a couple books simply for the please of story.

        And exactly, it’s a daunting process in of itself – and I’m not sure which is worse – what appears to be an automated rejection, or the one that’s “so close.”

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        1. I am weirdly looking forward to being back in the trenches. I am more dreading the second book – talk about horse before cart. But most of my published writer buddies assure me the second book is far more intimidating because first book you have all the time you want/need to finish. Not so with book two. At same time, I can’t wait but one day at a time.

          I’m going to need lots of days.

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