Liverpool   2   Chelsea 2 (Penalties 5-4)


FEFASuperJordieIn the first half of Liverpool’s first Premier League game of the 2019-2020 season, our world-class goalkeeper, Alisson, went off injured with a hamstring injury. We had sold our backup keeper earlier that week and brought in veteran Spanish goalkeeper, Adrian. He finished up the first game and had to start in the UEFA Super Cup against Chelsea. He emerged a Liverpool hero in less than two weeks with the club. That is quite an accomplishment. Cheers to Liverpool on another trophy.

I was at work for the start of this game (3:00 PM US Eastern time) so I listened on the LFC radio. I love those announcers. It sounded like a rough first half, like Liverpool were firing on half their cylinders.   Also, Chelsea’s new signing, Christian Pulesic, is damn good. He should have come to Liverpool but there he is at Chelsea. Making trouble. Had he been able to stay onside, he might have finished Liverpool off in the first forty-five.


I arrived home fifteen minutes into the second half after Sadio Mane scored his first goal and brought the score level at 1-1.  Liverpool had decided to show up for the second half, adding Roberto Fermino to the line-up to show the full strength of our starting front three. It made a difference. When Mane, Salah, and Fermino are on the field, it is magic.

FEFASuperJordieI could not find the game on television in English so I watched in Spanish. I really must learn to speak the language. I didn’t mind. Football is football in any language. Even in America where we call it soccer, causing the death’s of random Europeans whenever we call it that.

Apparently, I could have watched on USA network but I did not know that so I synched the Liverpool commentators with the Spanish broadcast. The game went into double overtime – ended up 2-2 and off to penalties we went. In Istanbul.

Apparently, European nights played by Liverpool in Istanbul require penalties. My nerves are shot. I am worried about the players as happy as I am for them winning the trophy. The season has started off at a full-sprint. They fly back to Liverpool on Thursday, then fly to Southampton on Friday for a Premier League game on Saturday.

Talk to you lot on Saturday. Hopefully, Liverpool can beat Southampton. It’s not a given. Not when we have injuries and the possibility of exhaustion to deal with. Hopefully, they remain mental giants and listen to their team-mate, Sadio Mane. Tired is only in the mind.  These are young men. They probably can override tired in those sharp minds of theirs. Me, I need coffee. Now.




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