Liverpool 3  Burnley 0

UEFABestIt has been a great week for Liverpool. Alisson Becker won UEFA Best Keeper of the Year award and Virgil Van Dijk won UEFA Best Player of the Year, beating out Messi and Rinaldo. We cannot wait until Alisson is all healthy again.

VanDijkUEFAPlayerLiverpool won their first clean sheet this season against Burnley with the goalkeeper, Adrian, and they remain the only perfect team in the Premier League.


ManeMadA couple of weeks ago, Jurgen Klopp said the boys are friends but not best friends. They have to push each other.  A lot of fans will have noticed Sadio Mane fuming after being substituted. It had nothing to do with being taken out. It seems to have been due to a pass that should have been sent his way.

These are young, passionate men. How else could they play at this level? Do not be troubled.  This is what Klopp meant when he said these boys cannot be “best” friends.   In this instance, Mane was in a better position to shoot. Maybe Salah does not see him. Perhaps, next time Salah makes the assist. Or not.

I am not sure, but this is something, for a team to stay perfect, they have to balance each man’s hunger to score (high driver for both Mane and Salah) against the team’s need to score.  And to catch that elusive Premier League Title this year, we need a lot of goals. Man City will never relent.

FirminoBurnleyRoberto Fermino has the balance between personal desires and performance for benefit of the team down pat. He scored the third goal, set up by Salah (although I am not sure Salah meant to set him up). However, Fermino plays unselfishly, always looking for the best space to put the ball.

He does not get enough credit for his incredible contributions to the team. He is tireless, winning back the ball all the time, setting up teammates, as well as scoring in critical periods. And that is the thing, Liverpool is a world-class team that has made its players world-class. Not the other way around. As long as they hold on to that, anything is possible this season.

Next week is International Break. So take a breath. It is going to be a long season. The games will come fast and furious as both Champion’s League and Caribou Cup competitions begin. No more than three days between games for weeks and weeks. The more Liverpool win, the more they will have to play. And I do not see Jurgen Klopp and his boys wanting to sacrifice one trophy for another. They will want all the trophies.

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