img_1445It is already September. I did a drawing on New Year’s Eve 2018 for this year. A card for each month. September’s card is my favorite. It is The Star. Inspiration, creativity, and great potential are indicated here. Perfect timing as I am about to query my latest book. Let us hope that it is a better month than August.

Not that August was bad. It was hot and the card hanging over me was The Hanged Man. There were all sorts of 33ZtdHTURiKFCgs9a5ceBAcrossroads and changes.  In August, my daughter moved back here from New York to go back to school and to look at a new career path. I finished up the beta copy of my book weeks later than I anticipated. The ending is still not punching at the level I wish so it is still lying in pieces on my desk. I am giving myself a couple of weeks to figure out that last transition to give the ending the power I am looking for and then on to the beta readers.

Other challenges I can’t speak of out loud, not here but they are there. Like for everyone. So hoping the heat will go away by the end of September. Summer likes to linger well into October in the South. How I wish they had been right about the coming ice age in the seventies. I find the older I get, the less I like the warm.


One thought

  1. See, we’re getting hints of heat and I can’t wait for the cold days to end. I think everyone gets tired of the weather at the end of the extreme seasons (winter and summer).

    You’ll get there with your story. Same as I will get there with mine. We might be behind and life might tip us up but we will get there!


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