img_0073On New Year’s Eve 2018, I did a tarot drawing with the cards my daughter had given me for Christmas. For November, the drawing was Strength. And I will need it for the battles to come.

October in Review

October shook me like a hurricane. I can’t even talk about it or write about. I have some intense anger and frustration I am still working through. Thank heavens for Liverpool FC.

Liverpool continues to impress so that has been a welcome distraction. However, I can’t blog all their fixtures. Their one sad moment came against Manchester United where they tied 1-1.  Liverpool looked flat and tired, a rare look for them. However, considering their schedule, it has been impressive all the matches they have won. 

img_0070There are too many fixtures. Jurgen Klopp is right. For top EPL teams, the fixture list is insane. Some painful decisions must be made by FIFA. None will be popular. The best solution (to start with) is to cut the EPL down to 18 teams in order to remove four fixtures per team from the schedule. This ensures that the teams are the very best in football.  Yes, EPL players make a lot of money but this fixture list destroys the best players. It’s too much. 

I know this causes a lot of heartache in the fan base. Economic problems for the lower leagues. But something must be done. I hate to see such superior players have their careers cut short because they are only getting two weeks off a year.

In November

So I will let the book go for a last read by two beta readers. I do believe the first queries will fly early in December. If today’s revisions go well. I will need strength to battle through my dread at putting my book out there after pouring heart and soul into my writing over the last few decades, writing so many stories and books that were of varying quality.  I will need to persist.


2 thoughts

  1. Firstly (((hugs))) on October. I hope November has been travelling better for you. xx

    I’ve spent the last 2 weeks recovering from surgery. Not well enough to do anything where I’ve needed clarity of thought, sadly, so I decided to compile my agents to query list. At this stage I look like going out in April/May (I hope!). I have 145 agents on my list. Aiming to get them out in batches over 2 or 3 months.

    Good luck!!!


  2. Get well soon. My mother is in hospital. It’s not looking good and that has been a tough slog for my dad and brother. Well, all of us. I think it might end up being the New Year for me as well. I will see if there are lots of revisions from the beta readers. And I always think I am faster in revision than I ever actually am. I want to query this year, but I do not want to be in a situation where I have revisions left to do and miraculously get a full request. Anyhow, feel better. Rest. Recover.


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