My daughter got a new kitten at the end of the horrendous year of 2020. She needed something happy to show for such a tumultuous year.

The kitten is called Rooney. She is the Czarina of Brooklyn. All cats are in the ruling class. No humans are. We’re delusional if we ever think we are. It’s why humans in power are so damn bad at it. They are not cats, and have a tendency not to value creatures with thumbs as much as cats. They also value material wealth over tuna. No good was ever going to come of that. Or so Rooney tells me.

Dogs love us opposable thumb creatures too, even when we lose our thumbs, arms, legs, senses. No, not monkeys and primates – dogs and primates – it is just way too much poop. Dogs and humans, however, make a lovely, symbiotic relationship.  

Dogs are too tolerant, according to cat law.  Human canine companions don’t rule anything but the couch. And then only when their humans are too lazy to dispute the couch with the dog. I digress. 

Rooney is a precious and dangerous little creature as cats must be. She is a member in good standing of The Top of the Closet World Domination Society. All the members are cats, naturally. I look forward to our feline overlords.

tempImageBQdzmdI almost wanted to get a kitten myself when my daughter started sending me pictures of her new kitten. The pug objected. And so did my vet. Cats and pug eyes do not blend well unless they are raised together so that the pug can be taught the dangers of playful kitten claws. Frankie is an old pug, set in her ways, with no interest in world domination, So no kitten for me. Here’s a picture of Frankie, benevolently ruling all of the couch.

tempImagevfPEmv I could have written about the New Year and the challenges and hopes ahead but I didn’t.

I could have written about the death of a friend on New Year’s Eve as 2020 took a last bite out of me, but I didn’t.

I could have written about the death of of my country and the tyrannical take over by the tech giants. World domination by such. The cats are piiiissssssed! Rooney is insisting I quit all social media. I quit Twitter some time ago (cats and birds do not mix), and I may leave the rest in due course.  What choice do I have? Feline overlords will have their way in the end. 

I could have written about how Tolkien predicted such destruction as the industrialization of society grew in his characterization of Sauron’s Eye. But too depressing.

So here’s another picture of Rooney,

tempImageME7Eph I thought about running another post about the dangers of censorship, how the stifling of free speech, even speech that is abhorrent to some, can only lead to anger, disenfranchisement, and violence for when people have no voice, they have few alternatives. It ends discussion and begins conflict. But that is way too heavy discussion for these days so here’s another picture of Rooney.

I hope she makes my 1-2 followers as happy as she makes me. Frankie does too.  


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