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September 2019- The Star

img_1445It is already September. I did a drawing on New Year’s Eve 2018 for this year. A card for each month. September’s card is my favorite. It is The Star. Inspiration, creativity, and great potential are indicated here. Perfect timing as I am about to query my latest book. Let us hope that it is a better month than August.

Not that August was bad. It was hot and the card hanging over me was The Hanged Man. There were all sorts of 33ZtdHTURiKFCgs9a5ceBAcrossroads and changes.  In August, my daughter moved back here from New York to go back to school and to look at a new career path. I finished up the beta copy of my book weeks later than I anticipated. The ending is still not punching at the level I wish so it is still lying in pieces on my desk. I am giving myself a couple of weeks to figure out that last transition to give the ending the power I am looking for and then on to the beta readers.

Other challenges I can’t speak of out loud, not here but they are there. Like for everyone. So hoping the heat will go away by the end of September. Summer likes to linger well into October in the South. How I wish they had been right about the coming ice age in the seventies. I find the older I get, the less I like the warm.


Liverpool vs. Burnley

Liverpool 3  Burnley 0

UEFABestIt has been a great week for Liverpool. Alisson Becker won UEFA Best Keeper of the Year award and Virgil Van Dijk won UEFA Best Player of the Year, beating out Messi and Rinaldo. We cannot wait until Alisson is all healthy again.

VanDijkUEFAPlayerLiverpool won their first clean sheet this season against Burnley with the goalkeeper, Adrian, and they remain the only perfect team in the Premier League.


ManeMadA couple of weeks ago, Jurgen Klopp said the boys are friends but not best friends. They have to push each other.  A lot of fans will have noticed Sadio Mane fuming after being substituted. It had nothing to do with being taken out. It seems to have been due to a pass that should have been sent his way.

These are young, passionate men. How else could they play at this level? Do not be troubled.  This is what Klopp meant when he said these boys cannot be “best” friends.   In this instance, Mane was in a better position to shoot. Maybe Salah does not see him. Perhaps, next time Salah makes the assist. Or not.

I am not sure, but this is something, for a team to stay perfect, they have to balance each man’s hunger to score (high driver for both Mane and Salah) against the team’s need to score.  And to catch that elusive Premier League Title this year, we need a lot of goals. Man City will never relent.

FirminoBurnleyRoberto Fermino has the balance between personal desires and performance for benefit of the team down pat. He scored the third goal, set up by Salah (although I am not sure Salah meant to set him up). However, Fermino plays unselfishly, always looking for the best space to put the ball.

He does not get enough credit for his incredible contributions to the team. He is tireless, winning back the ball all the time, setting up teammates, as well as scoring in critical periods. And that is the thing, Liverpool is a world-class team that has made its players world-class. Not the other way around. As long as they hold on to that, anything is possible this season.

Next week is International Break. So take a breath. It is going to be a long season. The games will come fast and furious as both Champion’s League and Caribou Cup competitions begin. No more than three days between games for weeks and weeks. The more Liverpool win, the more they will have to play. And I do not see Jurgen Klopp and his boys wanting to sacrifice one trophy for another. They will want all the trophies.

Liverpool vs Arsenal

Liverpool   3   Arsenal 1

Liverpool looked the best team in the world in their game against Arsenal. In three games, Liverpool is the only team which has not dropped any points left in the EPL.

In his pre-game press conference, Jurgen Klopp talked about “team spirit” in regards to Liverpool. One of the many things that drew me to Liverpool is the heart of the team. It is not the trophies and triumphs, although those things are great, but the way the team plays together. Liverpool went through a lull in the first part of the century. Now, they embody all the greatness of the club.

Klopp said, yes, they are all friends but not best friends. This is important because they must push each other to the next level, to have a team spirit that is super competitive, to maintain a hunger, drive, an anger as well as a love to succeed, to improve, to rise. Against Arsenal, the spirit of Liverpool hit their opposition like an attack of wild dragons.



Liverpool vs Southampton

Liverpool 2  Southampton 1

Liverpool win the second game of the Premier League season despite the long week with the incredible victory in the double-overtime in Istanbul earlier in the week. What a relief. And Man City dropped points to Tottenham, a tie. Glorious stuff. Here are the highlights.

Part I – My Evolution into becoming a Liverpool Fan

For all the Americans in the audience, the thing we call football should be called Tackleball. Could we maybe get a campaign to make this change to avoid all the confusion.  The thing we call soccer is football everywhere else. There is a reason for this although it has nothing to do with the kicking of the ball with a foot.

In medieval times, there was all this jousting and polo and such. Only nobles could play those games  because common folk could not afford the horse and gear to participate. Football, played by common folk, describes any game not played on a horse. And growing up, while there were horses around, we weren’t allowed to play with them.

I discovered the game at around seven or eight because of a boy that lived a couple of doors down. We were the same age, both book smart and adventurous. His parents had been missionaries in Brazil. He loved Pele more than anything in the world.

I learned about the Ginga style of play because of him. This was his passion.  Mine was music and art and writing. At the time, I loved the Beatles. They were from Liverpool. That was the seed that ultimately made me the Liverpool supporter I am today.

As it turns out, over the years, Liverpool has been home for many Brazilian players. The current ones are just world-class, one and all.

Alisson, our golden-glove but currently injured, goalkeeper.


Fabinho, a force to be reckoned with in the midfield and getting better every time he plays.


Roberto Firmino, part of the Liverpool terrifying front three who is a playmaker like none other, selfless and with such amazing stamina.



UEFA Supercup Liverpool vs Chelsea

Liverpool   2   Chelsea 2 (Penalties 5-4)


FEFASuperJordieIn the first half of Liverpool’s first Premier League game of the 2019-2020 season, our world-class goalkeeper, Alisson, went off injured with a hamstring injury. We had sold our backup keeper earlier that week and brought in veteran Spanish goalkeeper, Adrian. He finished up the first game and had to start in the UEFA Super Cup against Chelsea. He emerged a Liverpool hero in less than two weeks with the club. That is quite an accomplishment. Cheers to Liverpool on another trophy.

I was at work for the start of this game (3:00 PM US Eastern time) so I listened on the LFC radio. I love those announcers. It sounded like a rough first half, like Liverpool were firing on half their cylinders.   Also, Chelsea’s new signing, Christian Pulesic, is damn good. He should have come to Liverpool but there he is at Chelsea. Making trouble. Had he been able to stay onside, he might have finished Liverpool off in the first forty-five.


I arrived home fifteen minutes into the second half after Sadio Mane scored his first goal and brought the score level at 1-1.  Liverpool had decided to show up for the second half, adding Roberto Fermino to the line-up to show the full strength of our starting front three. It made a difference. When Mane, Salah, and Fermino are on the field, it is magic.

FEFASuperJordieI could not find the game on television in English so I watched in Spanish. I really must learn to speak the language. I didn’t mind. Football is football in any language. Even in America where we call it soccer, causing the death’s of random Europeans whenever we call it that.

Apparently, I could have watched on USA network but I did not know that so I synched the Liverpool commentators with the Spanish broadcast. The game went into double overtime – ended up 2-2 and off to penalties we went. In Istanbul.

Apparently, European nights played by Liverpool in Istanbul require penalties. My nerves are shot. I am worried about the players as happy as I am for them winning the trophy. The season has started off at a full-sprint. They fly back to Liverpool on Thursday, then fly to Southampton on Friday for a Premier League game on Saturday.

Talk to you lot on Saturday. Hopefully, Liverpool can beat Southampton. It’s not a given. Not when we have injuries and the possibility of exhaustion to deal with. Hopefully, they remain mental giants and listen to their team-mate, Sadio Mane. Tired is only in the mind.  These are young men. They probably can override tired in those sharp minds of theirs. Me, I need coffee. Now.




Liverpool vs Norwich


Liverpool 4      Norwich 1 

I have decided to blog every Liverpool game in the 2019-2020 season. I have been Liverpool obsessed since 1985-1986 season so I might as well make use of this distraction by feeding my other obsession, writing.

I am one of those Liverpool fans that fans of other clubs bristle at. Ask me to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and I will sing it, at the top of my lungs with all my heart … and off key. You have been warned.

Liverpool opened their 2019-2020 season with a convincing win against the newly promoted Norwich. The score line suggests that Liverpool is ready for business. However, the Canaries did not go down without a fight. Here is what went down. I will leave it to the professionals to show the highlights.


So the problem is that Liverpool played 1/2 game, scored 4 goals, and then nothing. Zero goals in the second half is disappointing.  With the Man City robot-playing footballers, goal differentiation will matter. A lot. Points and goals. We need both in this league. I am not entirely sure Man City will be our only rivals this year. Money was spent by other clubs. Not Liverpool (which is fine by the way – Klopp is brilliant at building players into world-class competitors).

Also,  our golden glove goalkeeper, Allison, went off injured in the first half. That is not good. Newly acquired, Adrian, took over. He has been at Liverpool a grand total of 2 days. That is it. I bet he didn’t expect to play like ever.  He did well for being called onto the pitch unexpectedly.

I pray Allison will be well before too long. He has already been ruled out for the Super Cup against Chelsea on Wednesday.  We will really see the quality of Adrian then.

So here is what is at stake….

LFCLogoIt’s been 30 damn years since Liverpool FC won the league. This translates “Liverpool has never won the Premier League”. It’s time. Winning in Europe for 6th time was nice and all. Ok, it was amazing, a great way to end the 2018-2019 season. Losing the Premier League by 1 point to Man City, dream-crushing, clinical as Hell robots, sucked a lot. It hurt.

They deserved to win. Liverpool only lost to Man City last season.  Manchester City make the classic adversary. They look freaking scary in black as they pummel West Ham in their opener 5-0. It burns. We start the new season 2 goals behind by goal differentiation despite a 4-1 victory. How is that even possible? Ouch.

To be fair, Norwich looks a better side than West Ham. However, Man City pummeled the Hammers on West Ham’s own pitch. Liverpool was at Anfield which is always an advantage. I see a long, hard season ahead. Fun but loooonnnnnnng.

Next up: Super Cup in Istanbul – Liverpool vs Chelsea. – August 14th – we will catch up then.



August 2019- The Hanged Man

img_1444July has gone and it is time for another month from my year’s tarot reading. August brings the Hanged Man which portends salvation, a change of direction. That seems a good description. I have finished writing one book that will suit for a debut novel. It will be with beta readers around the 17th before I leave for the beach for a week.

July saw the reinvention of my surroundings, letting go of material things as a symbolic letting go of the past. I fought my battles and have come out no worse for the wear.

Last month ended with my parents losing their life-long home to fire. After three moves, from a one bed-room flat, to a third floor walk-up, and finally a little cottage, my parents are in a decent temporary home until their house can be rebuilt. They are putting my father’s childhood home back exactly as it was. I think they would even take back the mold and the sub-standard wiring. It will be cleaner when it is done. In theory. 56m6UCzbQM+nMtHLLxC0iQ

My daughter moves home in a few days from this post. Then we will take a week at the beach before she starts school and I start putting together my submission packages to send my book off into the dread query trenches.

LiverpoolFCFullLogoLiverpool is back for the 2019-2020 season. They play Man City on the 4th for “The Community Shield” – it is like a trophy only it’s not. It’s a pre-season less than friendly game. Then the season will open up properly against newly promoted Norwich on August 9th.  So turn the page and off we go.