New York Ate the Blog

img_1242So my trip to New York did not go quite as planned. I thought I would have time to make blog posts. Silly me. Instead, New York ate my blog. Just devoured it and left it to rot. It’s not a city I can control.

Here are some pictures from the trip for your enjoyment. I will try to return to blog posts soon. Otherwise, expect pictures of cute, furry beasts sitting in rapt anticipation of my debut novel.


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Dogs of November – To the Rescue

RescueDogs2The world is a perilous place. It is not meant for wimps Life is a precarious thing. None of us get out alive, and we waste precious time hating and vilifying one another.

We have to help each other. Most often, we hinder one another with that little devil that lives in all of us telling us the people over there are to blame for all our troubles.

RescueDogsDogs stomp that voice out. There is something in the eyes of a dog that wishes so much to please, to be able to go help the people over there. Dogs have a courage unmatched by the boldest of imaginary super heroes.

A dog’s love and courage is real, not a thing of comics and fairy tales. It comes with no judgment, no blame, no questions. All are worthy of saving. So if you are lost, rescue a dog. One day that animal may one day rescue you.

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Dogs of November – And a Kitten

animal pet cute kitten

My daughter is getting a kitten. That is a valid decision. She lives in New York City in a tiny little box, and she does not have the time to give a dog the proper care. A cat doesn’t really need humans. It likes us to serve it – feed it, keep its environment tidy, and pet it while it tries to figure out how it might work out how to eat us.  We find these predatory creatures adorable.

pawn pug sitting on beige floor

Dogs require companionship and work, but they will do work. Even my lazy, pug, Frankie knows that her job is to make sure I wake up on time to go to my day job, even on the weekends, take walks in the park and garden, and to write stuff that I then read out loud to her. She understands the crying when whatever I have written is awful.

I sometimes threaten to get a cat myself. I think it would add humor to our situation. The pug knows about cats, and does not like them. One tried to eat her once or so she claims.

So anyways, my daughter is getting a kitten. Probably.



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Dogs of November – Puppies NOT Politics

Puppies3Politics will only ever divide us, incense emotions, devour our humanity, exacerbate real human suffering, and cause us to hate each other. Politicians have no intention of helping solve anything. If there are no problems, they get no votes.

Puppies4Puppies, on the other hand, remind us of playfulness, joy, love, and comfort. That is a position where we can start to heal one another. We don’t need politicians. We need puppies. So here are some puppies.

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Dogs of November – Westies

img_1180So when I was about fourteen, my mother replaced my brother and I with a West Highland Terrier she called Piper. No, I am not kidding. My mother was so enamored of Piper that she quickly acquired another West Highland Terrier which she and my dad called Impudence, prettier than Piper but less well-behaved. From that time on, my parents always have two Westies. Today, it is Mercer (after Johnny Mercer) and Too Tall, a rescue that is far larger than the Westie breed standard. In photo collections whether in albums or digital, ever since the late 80s, my parents photos are more Westie than human family.

When my dad published his first book, Waldo Chicken Wakes the Dead, in the little author blurb that goes with books, he mentioned my mom and the Westies, but no mention of his two kids. We were totally overtaken by the little white ratters.

img_1182This once bothered me, when I was still a kid, before I had a child. Now I sort of get it. About dogs. Don’t get me wrong. I love my kid more than I love myself. I would trade my soul to protects hers.

I would also do that for any of my dogs. They are far more agreeable than people. And Westies have no idea that they are dogs. They are the joy and exuberance that somehow my parents could not allow themselves in their own lives. My dad, maybe, but my mom she gave all her joy and possibility to her dogs and put her own in a bottle.


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Dogs of November – Corgi

Corgi1For the pack of dogs I would like to add to my family, I am going to need a proper castle with a moat and grounds and all that. And if you have a castle, the House of Windsor has firmly established, there must be Corgis.

I have never had the pleasure of having a Corgi companion. However, this is one of those dogs that causes me to go into a melt-down of love and affection whenever I see one at the park, walking down the street, wherever one might CorgiSnowbe. They are excellent herding dogs so the border collies with their sheep will welcome them to the pack.

The Corgi is also a small, compact muscular dog with a big dog bark. They reputedly are happy, trainable dogs that love playing with their human companions. I love the smile of the Welsh Pembroke Corgi.