Cups of Coffee & Snarky Tea

img_1152A confession. Sometimes I drink tea. I do. After 5 PM on work days when I know if I drink more coffee, I will not be asleep in time to wake up in a state fit for human consumption the next morning. Last night, I forgot about the tea, drank WAY too much Death Wish coffee, and paid dearly at work. So tea is better in the afternoon.

If I could have it with little cakes, it would be even better but my expanding girth forbids that much indulgence. Anyhow, my bestie buddy brought me this Snarky tea from Nashville. Snarky tea of “Get You Sh*t Together” and “Calm the F*ck Down” variety. She has a way of telling me what she is thinking that only a best friend can.

CalmTheSnark is right up my alley so perfect gift. Surprisingly, this tea is damn good. I mean really good. The best tea I have ever had. And it has an attitude. There are also cups to go with the tea- featured here in orange. And candles that stink pretty while cursing at you. It’s a writer’s dream.

Reading the tea cans alone is worth ordering some of this tea. I laughed so hard and then sent some to my daughter. The one that talks about “Adulting is hard” because my kid is up in New York City attempting the whole adulting thing and it hasn’t always gone well. I’m still failing miserably at it.