Angels and Demons – Uriel

Uriel_1Uriel is one of the few angels called by name in the Hebrew Bible. He is credited with warning Noah about the flood. In the apocryphal, he gets up to all sorts of divine shenanigans. Most famously, Ezra asks God a question and Uriel is sent to answer him.

He is also credited with being the angel of Wednesday. So he’s the hump day angel. Yeah, I don’t quite get that either. Human calendars and clocks have never much interested any of the angels or demons I have run into so far. Most think nothing of making you late to work or early to your grave.  Flesh, after all, is meant to rot.

Uriel is considered an archangel.  That sounds far more grand than it is. Archangels are part of the Third Sphere of angels – and the only sphere that deals with us fallen mortals. There are seven forms of angels that are higher in the divine Hierarchy. Uriel_2

If you ran into Uriel on the street, he would not have his wings or the customary bowl of fire with which artists often depict him.  He would look like your average Joe or Joan. That is the way of angels and demons. You might find yourself feeling great hope as you passed him on the street where a moment ago you had been in despair. Uriel is also credited in some corners of theology with being the archangel of Salvation. We could all use a little of that sort of thing, couldn’t we?

img_1071I created my own Uriel for my stories of Alleysiande. What the heck? I could hardly butcher the poor angel more than other authors already have. I created the character about twenty-five years ago after having a long discussion with Jethro about the nature of angels and how some fell and some remained all pure and above board. At this time, Jethro was hanging out in the guise of a Brittany spaniel.

cavaliers king charles spaniel

Of course, Jethro is always insufferably vague about the ways of his kind so most of what I came up with, I had to string together out of apocryphal and imagination. I am sure the archangel won’t mind too much. After all, authors have been having their way with him for millennia.