You Have Questions

Yes, of course you do…

What the Hell am I doing here?

OldCastlesThat is what you are asking, yes? Well, this is the musings of writer, E.M. Goldsmith, a wildly eccentric and sometimes talented spinner of tales and teller of lies, both pleasant and alarming. Stick around. I promise to make it worth your while until I am summoned away or exorcised out of this world. Both very real possibilities in the very near future.

But what is an Idyll?

Well, consulting a dictionary on this planet, in English, the definition is

A simple, narrative piece in verse or prose

In the worlds I come from, an Idyll is a type of “Grimoire” – a very specific type of spell book.  An Idyll is filled with miracles, things of creation and light and is created by divine, trans-dimensional beings that we often see and never recognize. It is a subset of “Grimoire” although often Grimoires are considered dark things, filled with destructive magic that any damned fool can work and so is usually worked by damned fools and hapless idiots. But you know, magic is magic. It all comes down to how you use it. Even a miracle can be ill-conceived.

And Alleysiande? What is that all about?

Alleysiande is the world before the fall, a myth or perhaps something more. It is either something to be restored or something yet to be created. It is more than a place. It is an idea, one that I am always exploring in my wanderings as I look to return home. I have been lost for so very long now.